Hey Folks! We will open again for orders on Monday, March 27th from 9am - 10am Central (everything will be available). However, there are also a few ready-to-ship items in inventory that can be ordered immediately - these items currently show in stock.

Welcome to Superior Fleece

We are a little company in Duluth, Minnesota that sews made-to-order Polartec fleece hoodies and hats. We open the website for orders on some (not all) Monday mornings at 9am, and at those times all sizes and colors are available. After ordering, items will be made and shipped within the following few weeks. If you are here in Duluth, you can find an ever-changing selection of our stuff at the Duluth Gear Exchange. Stay tuned here, on our email list (subscribe at the bottom of the page) or on social media for opener updates and DGE restocks.